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Bridge Suton

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In the summer of 2008 in Suzhou, the official opening of the cable-stayed bridge Sutun, which became an important strategic target of the city. The main task of the bridge - the connection between the counties of Nantong and Changsha, belonging to the district of Suzhou. During the construction of Sutana was involved qualified specialists of the leading institutes for the design of roads and bridges, which provided a high level of quality of the project.

Construction Sotona began in 2005 and has progressed rapidly. In just three years, the architects managed to realize this ambitious project not only because of the impressive investment (1600 million), but also their own professionalism. Repeatedly to the construction of the facility has engaged consultants of international companies such as COWI Consultants and CHODAI Co. Ltd.

The length of the bridge is 8206 meters, which allows you to easily get from one district to another. Stun refers to the structures of the suspension type, so installed along the bridge pylons with a height of 306 meters, dividing the structure into several broad bays. The Central span has a length of 1088 meters. The roadbed of the bridge is made of high quality materials and periodically restaurerede.

In the evening and night time Stun is illuminated by numerous lights, representing not only an important highway of the city, but the original attraction. The bridge fits perfectly into the futuristic panorama of the city and is a popular choice amongst travelers in Suzhou.