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Shanghai world financial center another is called "Mori". The building is on the honorary third place in the list of the tallest skyscrapers of the world. Its full height of 492 meters, and the building is only 16 meters lower than the same facility in Taiwan.

There is disagreement about the superiority of each of these skyscrapers. The point is that the skyscraper in Taiwan is the most tremendous because of the long spire, which is an integral part of the architectural structure. But without taking into account the length of the spire, it is 44 meters lower than his rival, skyscraper Mori.

Near SWFC is the famous Jin Mao tower, with a height of 88 floors, which is equal to 420 meters. The shape of this building resembles an ear of corn, and the skyscraper is located within the most prestigious area in the city - Lujiazui, in the heart of the financial and business life of the city of Shanghai.

The Mori building was built eleven years old. Work was started in August 1997, but the building itself was put into operation 11 years later, in August 2008. The design of the world financial center in Shanghai involved experts from the architectural Bureau "Kohn Pedersen Fox". All work was carried out with the support of the Institute of architecture and design in Eastern China. A major role in project implementation played by William Pedersen and developer of the building project was the company from Japan, "Mori building Corporation". Thanks to them, the skyscraper got its second name - "Maury". Building contractors were professionals from the Chinese Gastroscopies, as well as people from the "Shanghai Construction General". All the financial costs and monetary questions allowed the company "So international" and "Davis Langdon".

In the skyscraper Mori 101 floor, and all tourists, guests and visitors of the building served by high speed lifts. Elevators inside the building is more than 30, escalators - 33. Of the building area takes more than of 377 000 square meters.

In the building SWFS are meeting rooms, cafes, boutiques, Parking areas (occupying 3 floors underground). From 7 to 77 floors are representative of hundreds of companies. 79 floor and up to 15 floors is the hotel "Park Hyatt Shanghai". And on the 86th floor is another meeting room and numerous Banquet rooms. 91 to 93 floor there is the restaurant "100 century Avenue", the observation deck are from 94 to 100 level.