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Forest Park, Yantaishan

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Park Antichan located in the picturesque setting surrounding the mount Yantai, which is located in the suburbs of Shenzhen. The Park is quite popular among tourists and locals, as attracted by its breathtaking beauty, clean air, peaceful atmosphere and perfect conditions for a peaceful retreat away from the bustle of the city.

Antisan is a unique place that was created by nature for many centuries. In the future, the government of Shenzhen took the decision to build the Park, after which an extensive territory was fenced, but the interior space is decorated in the best traditions of Chinese architecture and landscape art. In Antichan you can see the alley with ancient trees, original floral arrangements, fountains, a variety of pavilions and recreation zones. It is worth noting that in the vicinity of the Park is the famous resort "Lake Shiyan", which is famous for its unique swimming pools with hot thermal springs.

Tourists usually combine the trip to Antichan with a visit to the thermal springs, which allows not only to enjoy a pleasant walk in the Park, but also to improve the state of health thanks to the healing properties of the water contained in the natural pools.

In Antichan annually festivals and other international events dedicated to environmental issues and is aimed at preserving the fauna of China. To this end, the management of the Park periodically buys and engaged in breeding of rare species of plants and trees.