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Bridge Anson

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Bridge Anshun is one of the symbols of Chengdu, stretching over the river Jin. Attraction is known that in the XIII century, it is described in detail in his notes about his travels in the China of the great traveler Marco Polo. The bridge was built according to all canons of traditional Chinese architecture and was a massive stone building divided by three wide arches.

The main function of the bridge was to connect the two opposite shores, and to serve as a dam during the period of rising of the water level in the river. However, over time, the bridge began to collapse and in 1980 was almost completely washed away by the next flood.

The revival of Anshun refers to 2003, when the local authorities adopted the decision on reconstruction has allocated a large sum of money on this project. The basic concept of modern architects was based on the full restoration of the previous look of the bridge, while maintaining, at the same time, the national colors of sights. After the restoration of the bridge has become one of the iconic places of the city, as the main part of Anshun today is a famous restaurant complex that serves delicious European and Chinese cuisines. Around the bridge there are many small cafes, bars, souvenir shops and shops where you can buy goods at affordable prices.

In the evening hours the bridge is illuminated by colorful lights, which creates the effect of airiness and originality. Most tourists come to see, Anshun with the aim not only to explore the history of Chengdu, but also to try traditional Chinese food.