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TV tower "Oriental Pearl"

Photos and description

The Shanghai TV tower "Oriental Pearl" - one of the tallest buildings in Asia. Height is 468 meters, the approximate weight is 120 000 tons. In the heart of the business district, on the banks of the Huangpu river, which divides the city into old and new, and is the Shanghai TV tower.

"The pearl of the East" was built in just four years. The main technological idea of concrete cylinders with a diameter of 9 meters. Steel balls of different diameters located at different heights and fit harmoniously into the structure of the tower. Eleven of the balls imply pearls.

On each of the three largest spheres are the observation deck. The maximum height at which there is a platform - 360 meters. Only three of the six elevators in the building, go up there. One Elevator carries approximately 30 people. The country's only double-Decker Elevator can accommodate up to 50 people.

On the first floor of the "Pearl of the East" is a city Museum depicting the history of Shanghai from ancient times to the present day. In one area at a height of 267 meters, is the tower's revolving restaurant. It makes one revolution around its axis per hour.

From the viewing platforms of the tower you can admire the spectacular views of Shanghai and the Yangtze river, which can be seen only in cloudless weather. In the evening you can enjoy even more beautiful views of the extraordinary city.

Near the sites of galleries with many small tourist shops. The three areas include shops and galleries. At the bottom of the field is "Space city", where you can be in a world of science fiction. In the middle part of the tower are the hotel and conference rooms. Each year, the "pearl of the Orient" is visited by 2.8 million tourists.

The main task of the Shanghai tower remains broadcasting. In quite a short time "pearl of the Orient" became a symbol of the city. The TV tower can be called a tourist complex, as it is possible to visit the exhibition, the Museum, to see a spectacular view of Shanghai, eat in a fancy restaurant and your own eyes to appreciate the architectural masterpiece.