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The Temple Of Earth

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Temple of Earth is located to the North of Beijing in a huge Park of Ritan among the three churches. The largest among them - the Temple of Heaven.

The temple was built during the reign of the Emperor of the Ming dynasty in 1530. Today is a huge garden with flowering trees, lawns and flower beds, located in a densely populated area of Beijing.

At that time, when China started the Cultural Revolution, the building was damaged, but then restored and rebuilt.

The Chinese of ancient times believed that the essence of many things lies within the four cosmic elements: the sun, the earth, the moon and the sky. Temple of Earth has a square base and is located on the North side of the Park, since this part is connected with the Ground. The temple of Heaven, in turn, has a circular shape, implying the sky, and is located in the southern part. All four temples, including the moon and the Sun, located in the East and the West interact in different spiritual directions. All four buildings are in China cultural monuments protected by the government.

In the temple grounds is the altar for sacrifices, which was used in the days of summer solstice to calm the gods. In this place praying about the harvest, for good weather, the welfare of the country. The altar in the heart of the temple is called "Fung TSE Tang", meaning "Altar of water", because it was surrounded by water on all sides, the source of which is today dried up.

The temple complex consists of five buildings: the Imperial Palace, Palace, warehouse, pavilion of sacrifice and the altar. Around all these buildings is filled with trees, about 170 aged 300 years or more. The most popular trees is the gingko, elm and juniper.

During the celebration of Chinese New year, starting usually in the 1st day of the 1st moon cycle of the year, in the Temple of Earth, starts the famous festival. Lots of bright red lanterns are hung on trees, everywhere fires are burning and thousands of people.