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The Lijiang River (Li)

Photos and description

Lijiang river, originating in the North-East of Guilin, the peaks of Maoershan, in Sinan. Flows into the xijiang river in Wuzhou province. The total length of the river is 400 km, and from Guilin to Yangshuo, its length is 83 km away and Lijiang river is also the second name - Guisui. It is considered that in ancient times the two rivers, the xiangjiang and Lijiang originated from a common source, but one carried the water to the North, while the other flowed in a southerly direction.

Along the river concentrated the largest and most scenic karst deposits. On the two banks is a total of about forty thousand low mountains of the most varied and unusual forms like screens, camels, elephants, bamboo, etc.

The shape of the Lijiang closest to the ribbon, surrounded by mountains and peaks, especially the section from Guilin to Yangshuo. In the bend of Lijiang is the town of Xingping. At 13 km upstream you can discover the key sights of the river.

The river Lee is also part of the integrated water system of another, no less famous river - Pearl. Depending on the time of year, tourists are invited to take a cruise on the Lijiang length from 50 to 83 kilometers. The route runs from Guilin to Yangshuo village, familiarizing with the natural and architectural sights of this ancient part of China.

During this trip tourists have the opportunity to see the most interesting places, located near the river: the legendary gorge Buffalo, Raven cave, famous hill "Nine horseshoes" and "Yellow cloth", Xingping town, famous for its architecture, preserved since the Ming dynasty.