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The Tibetan Buddhist Lama temple

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If the history and culture of China are of keen interest, you certainly will be interesting to visit one of the largest Buddhist temples in China - the Lama temple is located in the center of Beijing. Today it is a working monastery and temple schools of Tibetan Buddhism.

The temple was built in 1694 as the residence of the Prince, in 1744, was converted into a monastery, where Emperor Qianlong decided to settle 500 Lamaist monks. The building of the temple painted in gold and red tones, the total area of 66 thousand sq. m. Under the temple is the area of rectangular shape, enclosed by a high wall, the main pavilions is located in the center, less important - around the perimeter.

Just behind the main entrance goes a long alley, at the end you will see the tall beautiful arch. On both sides of the Central tower, which rises a bell and a drum. They are used during various rituals and celebrations. In the center stands a temple Tianwangdian - Hall of heavenly kings. Inside there are sculptures of four angry guards.

Following is Lama, it is also called the Palace of peace and accord. This is the most important building of the complex, gave him a name. Here is the statue of Maitreya Buddha is 23 meters in height, 7 of which are underground. It is believed that the statue is carved from a solid tree trunk of sandalwood.

The temple, besides these pavilions contains a number of other areas: the Museum, which is devoted to Chinese Buddhism, as well as numerous shops where you can buy Souvenirs and products made from Tibetan silver.