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A small zoo in Shanghai, located at the road leading to the airport are included in all tour programs for tourists. But if you decided to visit him "savages," is not superfluous to learn a little bit about him.

The area of the zoo is almost 0.7 square kilometers, is divided into separate fenced areas and sectors, where in enclosures, pens and cages are home to rare and wonderful animals. Here they contains about four thousand, of over 330 varieties. Approximately 600 animals are found nowhere else in the world. These include: crocodiles are the inhabitants of the Yangtze river; deer bluish-white; the giant Panda or as it is called, bear bamboo; Northern Chinese pheasants, with the feathers of unusual colors: silver with blue tint in males in their tails and having a plumage slightly darker than normal; South-China tigers, and others. Representatives from other parts of the world it is possible to mention giraffes, elephants and hippos from Africa, seals and walruses from the North pole, the Australian kangaroo.

The zoo in Shanghai is a favorite place for walking lovers, children and tourists. It is often a tour of the zoo the most memorable stay. This zoo makes a very good impression, because all living animals here are in excellent conditions, what can be said about other Chinese zoos.

The zoo has many unusual ideas. For example, the Village people's entertainment, where you can see the fighting bulls, where visitors are free to bet and cheer for his bull. There is a fighting cock. The birds are here not only to fight, but are treated carefully by the owners after the battle. Such competitions attract a great number of people, with women and men almost equally.

Modes of transportation around the zoo may be different: no tram, bus or walk. Zoo better in the first half of the day, otherwise you might not see many animals. In the heat they get tired and prefer to sleep - so neither to play nor to photograph any animal you have will not work.

It is also important to stock up on cold drinks and water. They can be purchased at the entrance of the zoo, inside you they won't be found.