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Shanghai art Museum combines two objects: the Museum of modern art and the exhibition area, located in the heart of Shanghai. The Museum building itself became famous because of the unusual turret clock.

The building held the Shanghai Biennale, as well as a variety of exhibitions by contemporary artists. There are two permanent exhibitions displaying objects of folk traditional Chinese art. The area of the whole Museum site is more than two thousand square meters.

The building of the Shanghai Art Museum formerly belonged to a Racing club called "the Building of the Shanghai Racecourse". It is located on the edge of people's square in the house No. 325, street Nankins, in the Huangpu district. The Museum is well-known and popular with locals place - restaurant "Kathleen Fife".

The house is built in the style of English Neoclassicism in 1933. It was at that time the racecourses, horses and horse racing brought to the city Treasury a huge income. In 1937, in Shanghai broke the Japanese, and the building was occupied by the military. In the early 40-ies in the vicinity of the building was dug large number of tunnels that exist to this day. With the help of one of these tunnels are connected, for example, the "Mariott" hotel and Art Museum. In 1952, the house passed into the possession of the Library of Shanghai, and in 1955 the house was restored, the roof made the terrace. Then, in 1996, the opening of a high-rise building of the art Museum, where he is today, and in the old building was reconstructed.

Shanghai art Museum is an important part of the cultural life of the city. It is here are all the Chinese exhibitions of photography, paintings, installations etc. the Museum Also contains collection of articles of antiquity made of bronze, porcelain, pottery, precious and semiprecious stones, works of art and culture, as well as products that enable you to understand the history of the ceramic art of China. The number of exhibits exceeds 8000.

Inside the Museum are 12 rooms, among them there is a gallery, book shop, ceramics room, meeting room, library, lecture hall, porcelain and cafes. Also in the building of the Shanghai Art Museum is a huge collection of Chinese painting and calligraphy.