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The Star Of Nanchang

Photos and description

Star of Nanchang is widely known in China wheel display, occupying the third place in the world by height, along with such attractions as the Singapore Flyer (Singapore), London eye (UK) and The Southern star (Melbrun). The wheel was opened to the public in 2006. The height of the structure is 160 meters, and the total cost of the project ranges between 52 and 57 million yuan. The star of Nanchang located in the Central part of the eponymous town and is the pride of local residents.

The throughput of the Ferris wheel is quite high (380 people per hour), as booths, equipped with the latest technology, spinning all day and night without stopping. Anyone can purchase a ticket for 6 yuan, to sit down in a free booth and make an unforgettable trip through the air.

One lap of the Ferris wheel makes about 27 minutes. Each booth fits 8 people, and the internal conditioning system allows you to feel comfortable and safe at high altitude. Tourists enjoy ride and enjoy the amazing views of the city. In the evening Star of Nanchang is illuminated by colorful lights, which creates additional illuminative effect. Around the Ferris wheel there are numerous cafes and restaurants where you can sample Chinese cuisine at a reasonable price. It is worth noting that the Chinese government is planning the construction of such attractions in other cities, as income from tourists visiting the Star of Nanchang surpassed all expectations.