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The Tengwang

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The tengwang pavilion is one of the main attractions of small by the standards of China city of Nanchang. The construction of the first tower of the pavilion began in the year 653, on the coast of the river Fu. By order of the Emperor of the Tang dynasty, it was decided to devote this building to the memory of the Prince, tragically died at an early age.

In the future of the pavilion was developed in such a way that most of the complex had to rebuild more than 26 times. The main architectural concept was retained and is fully consistent with traditional Chinese style. In 1926, the building was almost completely destroyed due to heavy fire, after which the restoration began only in 1989. The site of the previous pavilion was built of massive granite building height of 60 metres. Tengwang has 9 tiers separated by wooden beams, which is a roof with polygonal edges.

For visitors inside the pagoda there is a lift, with which you can climb to any floor. On weekends, the pavilion hosts concerts of traditional Chinese music and dance, as well as organize a mini-performance of the Beijing Opera. In the evening Tengwang is illuminated by numerous lights, which creates a special festive atmosphere. By visiting our pavilion, you can continue your walk in its beautiful surroundings, or relax in the gazebo nearby. Not far from Tengwang is also a well-known place of Nanchang city Museum, which presents the collection of local relics and artifacts.