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The amusement Park of Chongqing

Photos and description

In the area of Nanan Chongqing is one of leisure and entertainment centers of the city, combining garden area with green spaces, a variety of attractions and sites for a relaxing holiday. The Park management has taken maximum efforts to ensure the safety of visitors, so most of the equipment was of high quality and were purchased from leading European manufacturers.

The main part of the Park is divided into thematic zones, each of which boasts more than 20 exciting rides. The most popular among the visitors considered such as water slides, space ship, pirate ship, air, bike, snow machine, monorail, etc. it is worth noting that all rides are held monthly check and are perfectly suited for any age groups. Park a pleasure to visit for both adults and children. For lovers of active recreation will be optimal fun on the water rafting race in mini-cars.

After visiting the main part of the Park visitors are invited to spend time in the tea tent, enjoy Chinese traditional cuisine in small restaurants and also to enjoy the surrounding scenery, arched bridges and an artificial lake.

In the evening hours in the Park there are colorful performances featuring the best artists of the city. In addition, lights up the illumination of surpassing beauty, illuminating not only the Park but the Ferris wheel, which offers a great view of Chongqing from the height of bird flight.