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Mount drum

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Mount drum (Gu Shan) and its surroundings are a legendary place in the urban district of Fuzhou, so as to combine the amazing beauty of nature and numerous historical buildings of the Jin dynasty. For centuries to the mountain drum sought the great thinkers, poets and ordinary people. This is because near the mountain is the largest Buddhist temples and age-old pagodas, built in the early XI century. The interior of the pagoda is decorated with small figurines of the Buddha (1037 PCs.), as well as old drawings of monks and Chinese warriors.

The mountain itself-the drum is 10 kilometers from Fuzhou city. A major landmark for tourists is the Minjiang river (Minjiang) and three high peak (Cup, white lake, Leo). Apparently the mountain looks like a hill of layered on top of each other flat boulders where you can see a huge number of calligraphic inscriptions left by Chinese monks and poets. Interesting is the fact that during a thunderstorm, flat boulders begin to make peculiar sounds, like drum beats. Therefore, since ancient times, the mountain was compared with that musical instrument.

To the top of the mountain can best be reached on a narrow path, consisting of 2143 stone steps. The ascent is quite challenging, but in the end you will find yourself among pristine landscapes and will be able to watch the magnificent sunrise. Among the Chinese there is a legend that the man met the sunrise on mount drum, will live forever. That is why the ancient thinkers and the followers of the Buddha spent a lot of time in this place, shrouded in popular myths.