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Furong Cave

Photos and description

In Wulong County of Chongqing is one of world heritage of UNESCO, called the Furong cave. This natural formation was formed over 500 million years ago in carbonate rocks of Ordovician and Cambrian periods, which allowed perfectly preserved not only the inner space caverns, and appearance.

Furong consists of vertical and horizontal caves that archeologists have already surveyed over 2,800 meters and found clusters of such ancient rocks as aragonite, calcite, gypsum, etc. the Total length of Furong is more than 2700 metres, and the area of the vast hall reaches 11, 000 square meters.

At first the cave was discovered in 1993, after which a year was opened for tourists and has quickly become a popular destination for visitors to Chongqing. Inside Furong offers amazing scenery, including the harmonious combination of the natural arch bridges, hanging stalactites, small pools with clear water, natural waterfalls and ravines. The sunlight coming through the crevices, creates a beautiful flare and a very special shimmer. Further in the cave was installed lighting equipment, emphasizing the scenic Furong.

It is worth noting that the cave annually inspects more than 5,000 tourists who want to take unique pictures and to learn more about the history of the sights. For security purposes, all the plots Furong are special transitions and suspension design, providing protection for visitors.