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The Master Of The Nets Garden

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The master of the Nets garden (Wanxiang, garden of the Master of Nets or Fishing Nets Garden) is considered the smallest in Suzhou, but not inferior to the beauty and harmony of the other garden-Park ensembles of the city. To find the attraction quite easily. For this it is necessary to proceed to the southeastern part of Suzhou, and then find a narrow alley Sichuanese.

In accordance with historical data garden was built in 1140 by a civil servant named Shi Jinshi who loves fishing. He bought a plot of land on which over time have created a unique example of classical Chinese landscape design. After the death of Shi Jinshi garden passed from hand to hand to different owners, which is detrimental impact on the architectural concept of this place. Only in 1770 another official song Zhongyuan purchased a garden for permanent residence and reconstruct it.

The garden has been preserved in excellent condition, probably due to the fact that is a small area of 5400 square meters. The garden is divided into two zones: East and West. The Eastern part includes the premises, executed by all the canons of traditional Chinese architecture. It is worth noting a well-preserved hut of bamboo, where officials spent their working time.

The Western half of the pond is the "Pink cloud" arch bridge "Leading to serenity" pavilions "wash tape", "the Moon comes with the breeze" and "Refuge fisherman". Each of these objects represents a huge value to the Chinese cultural tradition. So the garden was inscribed on the UNESCO world heritage list and are strictly protected by the state.