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Temple Sichang

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In the Central part of Fuzhou is a unique monument of Buddhist architecture, Temple Sicani (Xichan) or Sicans. In order to get to the temple, tourists have to pass through the Western gate, beyond which opens the main entrance. The construction of Sicana rooted in 867 ad during the reign of the Qing dynasty. During the long period of the existence of the temple complex was repeatedly rebuilt, reconstructed and expanded.

Today on the territory of Sichang is the highest tower in China (61 meters), made of solid concrete blocks. All the buildings included in the complex, surrounded by greenery and beautiful landscapes, among which the most popular trees lychee (litchi) with aromatic fruit.

Individual attention, leading temple structure created by all the canons of Buddhist architecture. Three spacious pavilion are connected by common corridors, and the upper part of the temple consists of several layers of overlapping wooden gabled roofs. This approach to construction was quite common during the reign of the Qing dynasty.

In the temple complex you can see a small pond with live turtles and gold fish, to get acquainted with the history of more than 500 statues of Buddha Bar and buy a variety of Souvenirs at reasonable prices. Every day the temple receives a large number of pilgrims from all over China, as Sicani plays a significant role in the world of Buddhism and to visit this place is considered a special honor.