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XI'an great mosque

Photos and description

Great mosque of XI'an located near the Drum tower on the street Huastecan city of XI'an. The total area of the mosque is 130 thousand square meters.

One of the oldest and largest mosques in China, was founded in the year 742. She then served as religious centers for the Arab traders in China. According to historical records, a large part of the mosque was built during the Ming dynasty, the continued expansion of the occupied territory occurred during the reign of the Qing dynasty.

Unlike most mosques in middle Eastern countries, the architectural style of the mosque is traditionally Chinese, except for some inscriptions in Arabic and decoration, as evidenced by the lack of mosque minarets and domes of traditional Islamic style.

Five courtyards separated by high walls lead to the main prayer hall of the mosque. Non-Muslims are forbidden to go there, as in the other halls during prayers. The main prayer hall is 1279 square feet and designed for a thousand people. Each of the courtyard there is a gate or pavilion.

In the first courtyard you can see the nine-meter wooden archway, which was built in the early 17th century. The tallest tower in the complex called "the Tower of the meeting with his heart," is a "Place for reflection" - the third courtyard. In the fourth courtyard is the Pavilion of the Phoenix right before the entrance to the main prayer hall.

XI'an great mosque remains a popular landmark today, and is still the main venue for religious activities of Muslims in China.