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In 1950 in the South of Chongqing was built the first zoo of the city, which today is one of the most visited places as the zoo management has managed to combine in one territory of a recreational zone, numerous cages, an artificial lake, playgrounds, shops and restaurants. Most of the animals in the zoo, brought from different parts of the world and are considered the pride of local residents. Among the 200 species of fauna we should also mention such rare species as the giant Panda, South China tiger, Tibetan bear, rhinoceros, kangaroo, Cheetah, giraffes, red Panda, etc. All large animals are kept, as a rule, in conditions of natural environment that allows visitors to see the predators on the other side.

After visiting the main part of the zoo, tourists are sent to a picturesque lake in order to enjoy the surrounding scenery and to meet 1000 different species of birds. Flamingos, blue magpie, storks, swans, cranes, peacocks, parrots - all inhabitants of the lake. Lovers of sea theme are invited to take a walk in the pavilion with aquariums, which contains a significant number of fish, corals and other marine inhabitants.

Children have special interest in communication and photography with animals, the opportunity to roller skate on the Playground, and watch a fascinating program with participation of the trained animals. Optionally, you can savour traditional Chinese cuisine at any of the restaurants located in the zoo, or sample the variety of teas in the tea pavilion.