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The Hakka culture Museum

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The Hakka culture Museum is located in Longgang district of Shenzhen city and represents a unique collection of household items, Handicrafts, weapons and other rare exhibits, of transmitting ethical features of the Hakka people residing today in the South-Eastern China. The decision to take a separate building for the Museum of this sub-ethnic groups due to the fact that the representatives of the Hakka for millennia, managed to maintain a distinct culture and traditions.

The main exhibit consists of rooms, which are carefully stored unique porcelain dishes with floral and animal ornaments, jewelry of gold, silver, jade and ceramics, national clothes, portraits of famous people, and renovated the interior, inhabited by the Hakka in different periods of its existence.

We should also mention the exhibition relating to the construction of unusual dwellings and outbuildings Hakka. The total number of exhibits has more than 20,000, allowing visitors to penetrate deeply into the mysteries of the culture of this amazing nation.

Professional guides who speak English, will help to Orient in a wide variety of collections of each hall, will conduct a fascinating tour and answer all your questions. In the lobby you can buy original copies of works of art or Souvenirs to remember the visit to the Museum. After the tour you can relax in comfortable zones located in the area around the main building of the Museum.