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Pagoda Longhua

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Pagoda of the temple ensemble, Longhua town, located in the southern district of Shanghai, is a famous landmark in the city. The temple itself is the oldest and largest in Shanghai Buddhist temples. Pagoda built in close proximity to Longhua temple.

It is assumed that he built the pagoda and the temple at one time, in 247 BC Then, during the war years, they together destroyed, they were later rebuilt again in the same way at the same time.

Forty meter high octagonal pagoda consists of 7 tiers and is made of brick and wood. On the corner of each eave of the pagoda, on all tiers, hanging bells, is very noticeable in the distance.

Despite the extraordinary beauty of the Shanghai pagoda, for the past many decades it was closed to the public. Staff attribute this to the fact that the age of the pagoda about two thousand years. Only permanent restoration and numerous renovations allow to date to preserve this ancient structure, more or less in stable condition.

The inability to see the internal contents ancient China temple long ago gives him the aura of ephemerality and a certain mysticism, like the building and like the existing, but stubbornly hiding from all his appearance.

However, the appearance of this majestic multi-tiered buildings, no doubt, worthy and award-winning architectural and praise! Unusual history, and unique nobility colors, intricate floor-tiers and make today the pagoda is extremely attractive for tourists from different countries of the world!

In fact, the four main temple hall. Of these, the most impressive of the so-called Great hall. Here is the famous statue of Buddha covered with gold leaf. The library of the temple is a repository of Antiques and art objects, Buddhist sutras and tools for various ceremonies.

The modern building was built in the XIX century. A reconstruction of the last completed in 1979. In the course of it preserved location, which is the hallmark of cultural monuments Sunskai era.

Today, the temple and pagoda separated by a road. A large Park from the West adjacent to the fence of the temple. Belonging to the monastery of the peach garden is also known among tourists. In the spring, when among the picturesque rocks bloom peonies and peach trees, it attracts an incredible number of tourists eager to see this amazing harmony of stone and flowers.