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Lu Xun Park

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Lu Xun Park is located on the picturesque coast of the Gulf of Huachuang, and its area of 40,000 square meters stretches along the shoreline, which is considered one of the best beaches in Qingdao. The Park concept is based on a combination of architectural landmarks and natural landscapes of amazing beauty.

The establishment of the Park began in 1929 in accordance with the project developed by a renowned specialist in the field of Park and garden design by Mr. Ginnunga. Initially the Park was called "Seaside", and in 1950 was renamed in honor of the eminent Chinese writer and ideologue Lu Xun. In 1986, at the entrance to the Park was installed the monument devoted to the memory of this extraordinary personality.

At the entrance to the Park you can see the arch in traditional Oriental style, covered with glazed tiles, on which was engraved the name of the sights. Upon entering the Park, visitors enter a wonderful world consisting of small cobblestone streets, arched bridges, original sculptures, pavilions, flower arrangements and trees. Upon request, visitors are invited to become more closely acquainted with marine farming of oysters, stroll along the coastline and also go to the Museum, which shows the inhabitants of the underwater world. The Museum staff are actively involved in research work and conduct daily sightseeing tours.

Special attention deserves one of the areas of the Park where there is a gallery with calligraphic inscriptions made by Lu Blue. Here is a copper relief of the writer, where people come to fans of his work. Neighboring areas of the Park are clean beaches, mountain Saoussan and the island of Small Qingdao.