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Amusement Park, Chengdu Happy Valley

Photos and description

Park Happy Valley Chengdu is located in Chengdu and is one of the largest entertainment zones in Western China, created under the auspices of the international Corporation Huaqiao Cheng. The Park is fully compliant with European safety standards, and attractions, set in extensive grounds made from environmentally friendly materials. Daily Happy Valley is visited by more than 1000 tourists, which is evidence of the popularity of the recreation area.

The basic concept of these guidelines is to provide quality services in the field of family and children's leisure. To this end, the Park was divided into several parts, the subject of which impresses visitors with its diversity. Rotating tower, water slides, tallest Ferris wheel, water cannon, antique ship's most visited attractions. Also, tourists are offered a fascinating tour of the pavilion, where you can see not only the inhabitants of the sea depths, but also to listen to the informative tour.

Special attention deserves the pavilion closed type that organizes jumps on the elastic rope and jumps with a parachute. This kind of vacation is perfect for lovers of extreme tourism.

In the evening in the Park starts a colorful presentation with the use of illumination and holographic multimedia images. Several times a year, Happy Valley becomes the center of the international pop festivals, and championship of extreme sports that take place with participation of the best teams from around the world.