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Temple Guantao

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Temple Huancayo — one of the attractions of the city, is among the oldest churches of the province. Has long been a place of Buddhist pilgrimage.

The construction of the Church ended more than 1,500 years ago, however, some information indicates that the temple Guantao was among China's first Buddhist temples, and the date of its Foundation is much closer to the IV century BC. Thus, according to this theory, the temple was founded long before Guangzhou. In the Han dynasty, the temple served as the residence for neneckogo the king and the Governor of Guangdong.

The temple is a complex of several pavilions built in the same traditional ancient Chinese style building is decorated with numerous carved items out of wood.

The temple became widely known in the seventh century, when sheltered monk Hui of Nan, a former sixth Patriarch of the Chan Buddhist school. The hair of a monk was circumcised after his death and buried under one of the trees Bodhi, which meant the highest expression of reverence. In this place today - a pagoda dedicated to buried hair monk (Yifat), and inside are kept the statues of Buddha, elegantly resting in deep niches.

It is known that in the XVII century was a fire that killed all of the then existing buildings. Those that can be seen today, was rebuilt, and guests of the city and a modern Chinese can only guess how first the Church looked like.

The total area of the complex reaches 31 000 sq m and it includes, in addition to the main gate, pagoda of Yifat, palaces Dunbogan and Heavenly King. All together it forms a coherent and complete architectural ensemble.

In addition to the temple, Huancayo you can see a huge Buddha statue with two oldest (now extant) iron pagodas. They rise on the West and East side architectural structures.