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Church Of The Sacred Heart Of Jesus

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Church of the sacred heart of Jesus has a long history, with roots Dating back to the time of the Russo-Japanese war (1904-1905). Among the Japanese, remaining in Dalian, there were enough people of the Catholic religion, which initiated among the common people the collection of money for the erection of the Church. In 1931, under the leadership of Japanese and Chinese architects in Dalian was built the first Catholic Church, located in the Eastern part of the city.

After the Second world war the relations between Japan and China deteriorated sharply, and the Japanese priests were forced to leave the walls of the temple. Later in their place came the Chinese priests. During the cultural revolution, the Church is practically empty, as chief priest under the strict control of the state was sent into exile. The situation changed radically only in the 80-ies of XX century, when the priest returned and began to actively develop the Catholic activities in Dalian. In the Church continued regular services and everyone could freely come into the temple to pray.

Currently, the Church of the sacred Heart of Jesus is invalid. In 2002, however, this is the original China architectural construction received the status of historical monument and today it is strictly protected by law. The outer facade of the Church attracts visitors for its brevity, with frescoes of colored glass on the Windows, the Majesty, the European restraint and rigor. The building is made of red brick, which fully corresponds to the traditions of the Catholic building structures.