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The Tomb Of Hai Rui Mu

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On the territory of about 4000 square kilometers in Haikou is an amazing attraction, which is a memorial where rests the great for the residents of Hainan a person by the name of Hai Rui. This man served as a Minister at the Imperial court in the XVI century and was known among ordinary citizens for his honesty, decency and integrity. Hai Zhu repeatedly defended the public interest of citizens before the Emperor, and in token of veneration after death of the official in 1859, was erected a Grand necropolis.

The entrance to the tomb begins with a stone arch engraved with the characters having a value of "justice". Next is a long Avenue with tall palm trees, sculptures, stone lions, turtles, goats and other animals. In the Central part of the Avenue is the altar of incense, at the base of which is a statue of a turtle. At the end of the alley there is also another large altar, and around posters describing the biography of Hai Rui.

After the second altar, you can see directly the building of tombs became the final resting place of the remains of Minister. The area behind the tomb occupied a beautiful temple built in traditional Chinese style. In the premises of the temple has retained some of the personal belongings of Hai Rui, and biographical publications about him in various writers. After visiting the temple, tourists usually can enjoy the magnificent garden, relax in the gazebo and feed the carps living in the local pond. The tomb of Hai Zhu are considered to be the iconic landmark of Hainan and are included in the list of specially important objects of China culturally.