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In 1934 thanks to the efforts of German builders in Qingdao was built the Cathedral of St. Michael, which is to this day one of the architectural and historical attractions of the city. The Cathedral has for many years fulfilled its religious function and was a place of worship for all members of Catholicism, living in Qingdao. The structure underwent several renovations, the difficult period of the cultural revolution, however, the professional masters managed to keep the original stylistic concept, with the result that at present the Cathedral is a classic example of Romanesque architecture with Gothic elements.

Good location on top of a hill Chzhushan allows you to attract tourists and pilgrims arriving from all over the world. Two high pointed towers are strictly against each other and are connected by a solid brick base, where you can see a few Windows round and square shapes, as well as the Orthodox cross above the entrance gate of the red color. In the center of each of the towers has a round clock measuring local time. Around the Cathedral lies a well-kept area with cobbled streets and flower arrangements.

In the Central hall still held Catholic services in honor of the momentous celebrations, though the number of Christians in Qingdao small. First of all, the building is described by tourists as attractions and original architectural structures, clearly distinguished against the General background of Qingdao.