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China railway Museum

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China railway Museum is located in Beijing, in the South-East from Tiananmen square. The Museum was opened in the same place where previously was the East railway station. Railway Museum is the only Museum of Beijing, which is entirely devoted to the history and development of Railways.

East station was built in late 1906 and at that time was the largest train station and transport center of China. In the railway Museum features many relics that are relevant to the development of the railway network in China and Beijing.

The Museum houses a steam engine which was installed at the Beijing plant on the locomotives and the first road routes, which is entirely manufactured in China. Also a lot of stands in the Museum devoted to the modern period: visitors to the Museum can see the model of high-tech trains, a mini-copy of railway stations, for example: southern railway station, railway station, Honggao, a new railway station in Sichuan province, Chengdu, Xian, Wuhan.

One of the newest exhibits of the Museum is the collection of old train tickets that were used to travel across time. There are also copies of the tickets that are used on the island of Taiwan. Visitors to the Museum can see what tickets have been during the reign of the Imperial Qing dynasty and during the reign of Guo Ming Dao. One of the most interesting exhibits in the Museum is the old printing device for making stamps. The tickets were made of very solid and thick paper and was used for about 70 years. On the coupons it is still possible to clearly see the station name, date, cost and class. An ancient device for printing of tickets still works.