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Lishanski Park

Photos and description

Lishanski forest Park is located in the Eastern side of the city of XI'an. This place is known for its beautiful nature and many historical monuments belonging to the Imperial period.

Due to the fact that forest Park is a very quiet, peaceful and beautiful place here, even from the reign of Zhou, city officials began to build for themselves country homes and residences.

Lishanski forest Park is located in the valley of mount Lingshan, where almost 13 centuries ago swore eternal love to each other Emperor Xuan Dzun and his concubine Yang Guifei.

Nearby forest Park is located and other equally attractive and famous sights. Among them are the Museum of the terracotta warriors, Taoist temple, Lao Tzu, sources Grazini, the burial of Emperor Qin Shi di. Many tourists come to Lishanski Park because you can just visit many different places, each of which has its history and importance in the life of China.

For example, on the slope of mount Lingshan there is a lighthouse. The legends of the lighthouse, the Emperor Yu every night, lit the lights for his wife Baosi, which is often sad. Once the city was attacked by enemies, and the military did nothing because I thought it was again fun of their leader. In the end, the enemy troops won an easy victory, thanks to his unexpected appearance, and inattention to local troops.

On the territory of the forest Park created by the Sunset pavilion, which offers beautiful views of the local countryside, the valley of the river Wey and the hot springs of Huaqing. In addition, forest Park is a Gazebo sunset and Room mothers who tend to visit the tourists coming to Xian.

Everyone who has ever visited the Park, characterized by its tranquility and beauty, which is so lacking in the modern world.