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The Monastery Canadiense

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Canadiense monastery is 30 kilometers away from Shijiazhuang, in the southwest part and is an example of classic Buddhist architecture during the reign of the sui dynasty. Visitors celebrate the visual elegance and grace of all buildings located on the territory of the monastery, and the picturesque landscapes that one can enjoy walking in the surrounding area.

Each of the buildings of the monastery initially was carefully designed under the guidance of the best architects of the middle Kingdom, who knew all the details of the construction of Buddhist temples. So far in Canadiense preserved ancient relics such as Buddha statues, ancient Sutra, written centuries ago, a variety of monument dedicated to the Buddhist deities, etc.

The Central hall is open for public visits and is considered quite popular among tourists, as there are the main artifacts that tell about the formation and spread of Buddhism in China.

The main buildings Canadiense harmoniously entered in surrounding nature and situated on the ledge of a cliff hanging over a deep chasm, immersed in the dense greenery. This fact makes the complex even more attractive and visited. However, due to inaccessibility tourists usually travel in summer or spring, since in winter to get to the monastery is almost impossible.

It is worth noting that on the territory of Canadiense starred one of the most famous films in the PRC under the name of "Crouching tiger, hidden dragon".