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Daming Lake

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In the Northern part of Jinan is located a beautiful Park, the center of which is considered the scenic Daming lake, covering an area of almost 46 ha. In 1949 the lake was not as popular attraction among tourists and locals as the muddy shores are not allowed to equip around the well-tended grounds. However, in 1950, the Jinan government has allocated a large sum of money for the project providing extensive recreation areas in the vicinity of Domingo. To this end, the part of the coast was tiled and the lake was made deeper by artificial means. Also the builders have changed the direction of flow of the pond of Five Dragons, so on the Western shore of the lake there is a magnificent cascade.

In the future, a separate reconstruction has undergone numerous pavilions, a Playground for children's entertainment, roller-Drome, flower greenhouses and Marina lake. Today Domingo daily attracts large number of tourists, who want not only to spend time in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy views of the lake, half of which fills the space of the flowering lotuses. Upon request, visitors are offered a mini-tour to the small Islands located throughout the lake.

In the vicinity of Domingo is no less important landmark of Jinan under the name of Xia yuan, which is a wonderful garden, built according to all canons of classical wooden architecture. After visiting the lake, tourists can take a walk in the garden and to appreciate the magnificence of landscape architecture China.