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The Cathedral Of St. Teresa

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Cathedral of St. Theresa is somapetrolium Catholic Cathedral of the diocese belongs to the province of Jilin, located in Changchun. The construction of the temple traces its roots to 1895, when one of the French priests arrived in Changchun with intent to distribute and promotion of Catholicism in China. Was originally a small chapel built for the local congregation, but the building was demolished fairly quickly, and then began the grandiose construction of a modern Cathedral (1930). Two years later, all work on the construction of the temple was completed in the Changchun there is a new architectural landmark created by all the canons of traditional Gothic style.

The main part of the Cathedral is a building of triangular shape in the center of which rises a pointed tower with elongated Windows and round the clock. On top of the tower with a spire with a cross. In General, the appearance of the concept of the Cathedral is almost not changed for many years, but during the cultural revolution in the Church stopped the service, and its main hall was used as a library.

In 1979, at the decision of local authorities, the Cathedral was returned to the eparchy and Church services resumed again. A significant event for Catholics living in Changchun, was the total restoration of the Cathedral in 2008 and its coverage. Currently, the temple doors are open not only for pilgrims but also for ordinary citizens who wish to get acquainted with the culture and characteristics of Catholicism, and also with unusual for China architectural structure.