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The Mountain Of A Thousand Buddhas

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The mountain of a thousand Buddhas is located three kilometers South of Jinan and is regarded as one of the main attractions of the city. The mountain stretches over a vast territory, and its height is 258 meters. In 1959, near the mountains has created a unique Park with an area of about 2 square kilometers.

According to legend, the mountain several centuries ago, was called "Lee." It was at this time during the reign of the sui dynasty Emperor, it was decided to carve on the slopes of mount numerous statues of different sizes depicting the Buddha. In the future, near mountain hill built the eponymous temple, which impresses visitors to this day.

The number of statues of the Buddha, gradually grew and the place became more and more famous among tourists and devotees of Buddhism. Separate interest to researchers, the inscription on the hillside, including four ancient seal, the meaning of which is interpreted by scientists in different ways.

During the reign of the sui dynasty in the southern part of the mountain was carved more than 130 statues, and on the opposite side thereof such caves, as the Yi, Longquan, Csile and Qianlong. Also near the mountain is a famous memorial where are buried the victims of the Shandun revolution. The Northern part of the mountain is a pavilion laughing Buddha halls, dedicated to the deities of Dasun Bodani and Guanyin and original gazebo built in traditional Chinese style.

In the beginning of XXI century, the mountain of a thousand Buddhas and the surrounding scenic area was recognized as an important heritage of China and are carefully protected by the state.