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Fuli Bridge

Photos and description

In Yangshuo, near Guilin city is one of the oldest bridges of China called Fuli. The attraction is located in a fairly remote area, so not every tourist can visit here. However, visitors who saw Fuli, note the original elements of the architecture, beautiful surroundings and unique architecture.

The beginning of the construction of the bridge began 600 years ago, the Emperor of the Ming dynasty. Fuli main function was to link the two opposite banks of the Yulong river (Dragon river). Externally, the bridge is a stone arch design, the length of which reaches 30 meters, the height reaches 10 meters and the width is about 10 meters. The locals used the building as a rule, for the purpose of transporting supplies and weapons. Was built other bridges and Fuli gradually turned into a historical and cultural value in Guilin.

Currently, the bridge is a popular place to photograph weddings as the evening hours, the moon reflected in the water surface, creating an amazing romantic view. You can take unique pictures of large tropical butterflies that live in the vicinity of the bridge. Also in the area Fuli you can see a small Park area and plenty of space for a relaxing and peaceful holiday.

About Fuli come together every day local merchants from whom you can buy Souvenirs at affordable prices, and to see the ancient way of fishing with cormorant birds.