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The silk Museum

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In 1991, Suzhou, opened China's first silk Museum, which to this day is on the street Jinming owned by the district Pingjiang. Place for the Museum was not chosen by chance. The fact is that since ancient times, Suzhou was considered the capital of silk production, and ranked first for the production of textile products from the finest fabrics. Clothing for the Imperial families were made exclusively by craftsmen from Suzhou.

The architecture of the Museum combines modern trends in the construction and the simple elegance of the external facades. Inside the building on the vast territory presents a variety of exhibitions devoted to the peculiarities of processing of silkworm cocoons, the history of the development of textile sector in Suzhou, the techniques of creating unique pieces of silk, etc.

In a separate room you can travel back to several centuries ago and to see the old machines for processing silk threads, vintage gowns, fans, shoes and scarves, made in a single copy. Upon request, visitors are invited to observe the modern process of silk production at the factory, which is located next to the Museum. The Museum managed to gather the most valuable collection of silk fabrics, among which a special place is weightless brocade sun that served as the basis for tailoring the Imperial robes.

On the first floor of the Museum pavilion, where for sale, original silk products of excellent quality. Visiting the silk Museum in Suzhou, you will learn lots of useful information about the silk industry and get a lot of positive impressions.