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Yuexiu Park

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Yuexiu Park is one of the most picturesque places of the Chinese city of Guangzhou. Yuexiu is spread over an area of 94 hectares. This is the largest Park in the city. Every spring and autumn there are large exhibitions of chrysanthemums.

In the Park, Yuexiu is a lot of interesting and unique objects, making it one of the landmarks of southern China. There is a sculpture of Five goats, which is considered a symbol of the city. This animal for local people symbolizes good luck and success. According to legend, in hard and hungry times, when the earth gave fruit, the city came five strangers riding on a gantry. Unknown distributed population the germs of rice and left animals here. After that, the town it's prosperity. Statue of Five goats was established in 1959.

The five-storey Zhenhai Tower is the last surviving fragment of ancient Guangzhou. This is all that remains of the old wall surrounding the city. Watchtower built in the Ming dynasty, in the late fourteenth century, and for six centuries it was repeatedly reconstructed. Now it is used as a viewing platform, it offers a beautiful panoramic view. Inside Zhenhai houses the Museum, the exhibits of which reflect the long history of the city. It has been functioning since 1953.

Prior to Zhenhai Tower you can see the remains of the twelve guns. They remind of the times of occupation of the city by Anglo-French troops during the period of the two Opium wars, with a total duration of 20 years (1840-1860.).

In the Park there is another famous monument - the obelisk of sun Yat-sen, the first President of China and the famous revolutionary. The monument was built in 1929. In the memorial hall of sun Yat-sen periodically hosts classical music concerts.

On the territory of Yuexiu are three picturesque artificial lake - Nancy, Junsu and Basu. The lakes are connected with each other by small bridges, decorated in traditional Chinese style. Around the lakes for walking, Hiking and Jogging trails.

Also for sports enthusiasts, the Park has a stadium with a capacity of 30 thousand places, pools and gyms.