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Beijing Botanical garden

Photos and description

Beijing Botanical garden is located at the foot Sandanski mountains, very near to Park Palace. The land area is approximately 130 hectares. On the hillside, in the fields and plains planted hundreds of thousands of trees, various shrubs, exotic flowers and herbaceous plants.

Beijing Botanic Park-the garden - the biggest in North China as the number of specimens of plants and trees, and the area. The garden itself is located along the small river of Beijing, the shores of which stacked brown-gray stones. The same stones laid by all the rapids and cascades, the river is very beautiful, but also carries a functional sense - it gives the Park a cool and soothes visitors with the sounds of running water.

All the stone paths in the Park and recreation beautifully decorated and there are restaurants and cafes where guests of Beijing can eat after long walks in the fresh air. Every spring in the Park planted a large number of annual flowers are in abundance surrounded by sculptures standing around the Park.

The main attraction of the Park - a huge greenhouse. It's new, built just a few years ago and fully meets all world standards.

In the main greenhouse in the lobby is a large bird, carved from tree roots. In the greenhouse of several rooms, and each of them maintained a certain humidity and temperature. Grown different groups of flowers and plants: cacti, palms, succulents, ferns, orchids and so on. Since all these plants from different climatic conditions, and they grow also in different halls.

In the greenhouse, laid a special track for visitors with bridges, caves, reservoirs. In the largest room of palm trees, and in the center is a fountain and a bridge made of colors.

Very popular among tourists bonsai garden. This is a small area where you are growing and shown miniature trees. Bonsai is a traditional culture in China, but it has also gained recognition in other countries, for example, in Japan. The word "bonsai" literally means "tree in tray".