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The humble administrator's garden

Photos and description

The humble administrator's garden (humble administrator's) is a vast area, 5 hectares of which there are around 48 structures, 39 different stands, as well as 20 valuable species of trees and other plants. The garden is striking in its scale and grandeur.

The name humble administrator's has no direct connection with the person's name who created the garden. Modest official - one of the most famous characters in Chinese poetry, who loved gardening and devoted his leisure to the cultivation of trees near his home.

His creation of the garden owes the actual existing official van Santanu occupied a high social position in Suzhou in the early 15th century. When this public servant was susceptible to bribes, and led an idle life. His love of landscape art were embodied eventually in the creation of the garden. For these purposes, Wang Xiancheng attracted to the work of famous at that time architect Wen Jasmina, which is harmoniously entered a swampy area in the shared project, adding the territory of gazebos, pavilions, and original bridges. The end date of construction is 1526. However, after the death of van Santana his son lost a large sum of money in the casino and the garden was seized for debts. Constantly changing owners ravaged landmark. Only in the mid-twentieth century Central, Eastern and Western part of the garden were connected into a single system.

Today, the humble administrator's Garden delights its visitors with a variety of pavilions, viewing platforms and just a peaceful atmosphere. A special place among the attractions of the garden is an artificially created lake with lotuses, which, when flowering, emit a delightful aroma.