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Big Bell Temple

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Big Bell temple (Great Bell Temple) is located in Beijing, near Haidian. The temple itself was built during the reign of the Imperial dynasty Queen, in 1733. After that it was a place where all the emperors prayed for the well-being of people and the rain.

The bell is in the tower of the Great Bell. It was cast in 1403, that is, in the first year of the reign of Emperor Yongle (Ming dynasty - 1368). Bell was one of three projects that were created at the behest of the Emperor. Two other projects - the Temple of Heaven and Forbidden City.

The bell height of about 7 meters, weighs almost 50 tons. On the entire surface of the bell, inside and out, embossed the sutras of the Buddhists. Thanks to the masters of art bell, the Great bell sounds are very tender, if you call him slowly, very loudly and deeply, if the call abruptly. The sounds of bells heard at a distance of 15 kilometers, and for all its unusual properties, it was called the King of Ancient Bells.

Tourists often puzzling question of how such a large and heavy bell could drag up. The answer is simple - after casting, the wizard waited until winter comes, then poured the whole territory with water. The water turned into ice and the bell moved easily on it. People just rolled the bell on the ice platform, and when dragged it upstairs, then began to build the temple, to hang the bell.

Inside the temple grounds there is a Museum built in 1985. To date, there are hundreds of valuable bells, cast in China and other countries, as well as other cultural values and artifacts. For example, a collection of bells Chaojun, Daojun, Fajun and Lejun, and many others. The most favorite and popular bells is Chaojun belonging to the Emperor Caneloni, and Bangjun.

Also in the Temple of the White Clouds you can hear Chinese folk music played with bells.