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Botanical garden of Shenyang

Photos and description

Botanical garden, located in Shenyang, is one of the largest in the city, and its construction began in 1959. The creation of a unique landscape complex was strictly controlled by the local leadership, so all the work was carried out by qualified personnel. In 1993, the attraction was officially opened to the public, after which with every year were becoming very popular among tourists.

The total garden area is approximately 210 hectares, among which 190 hectares is a square with green spaces and the rest areas are artificial lakes and ponds. Today the garden is included in the list of the most beautiful natural complexes of Liaoning province, it is a picturesque landscape and an abundance of original floral arrangements.

Good location at an altitude of 150 meters above sea level allows you to grow in the garden, rare species of plants, trees and flowers. Breeders were planted and divorced more than 1700 species of flora imported from all over China.

The garden attracts tourists primarily for its extensive grounds, peaceful atmosphere, the opportunity to spend time in the lap of nature and enjoy the fresh air. On request visitors can move from one zone to another with the help of small buses, which make periodic stops.

Annually, the garden hosts events of international level aimed at the preservation and promotion of valuable species of plants. Also, quite often organised flower festivals, large exhibitions and entertainment programmes.