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Palace Museum the Palace Museum otherwise called "Prince Gong's Palace" and located in Beijing, in the Xicheng district. This Museum is included in the state Register of cultural heritage of the Republic of China. Today the Palace houses the Museum of the princely palaces, the theatre and the Park is open to tourists.

The Palace was built in 1776 at the behest of Emperor Qianlong (Qing dynasty), the Emperor built it for his favorite - Hasana. After the Emperor's death, Prince Hashana could be accused of embezzlement and embezzlement, so his Palace was confiscated, "specific to Prince Qing" Online, Isingiro. In turn, when pushed out of a grandson of the Prince, Iguana, the Palace was again seized with the assistance of the interim Secretariat. Then the Palace went Icing, which bore the title "Grand Prince Gong". It was from that time the residence and received its current name.

The princely Palace in size exceeds all other creations of that time, and the scale is second only to the Palace of the Emperor - Palace. Palace square more than 60 000 square meters, and its territory is the Temple of heaven Park includes 30 different buildings.

In order to open a Museum in Beijing, took EN masse to buy Antiques. To date, almost did not survive calligraphic works, furnishings and paintings. Most of the relics and valuable objects were sold abroad. Part of the exhibits was received by the Museum as a gift.

To recreate the Palace "Zeitgeist" and return to its original shape, the staff used the materials that were stored in the library Linguascope Polytechnic University. Found plans and maps drawn up by the architect Liang Syctom and his colleagues spoke a lot about the internal layout of the Palace of Prince Gong's mansion. The Museum officially opened to the public from the end of August 2008.

The theater building in the Museum complex of the Temple of heaven Park is located in the East of the perimeter. The area of the space is about 700 square meters. Hall accommodates 200 spectators. In this theater performances and performances of Beijing Opera, Chinese folk circus, various important events.