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The Village Of Saijo

Photos and description

One of the most interesting places in Guangzhou can rightly be called the village of Saijo located in the district of Haizhou. Today, this city block is a large complex that combines buildings constructed according to the canons of traditional Chinese architecture, and picturesque landscapes. Most objects in the village were built more than 5 centuries ago and has retained its original appearance.

Cozy streets, Saijo surrounded by Banyan trees and various shrubs so the walk this place will bring true pleasure to fans of quiet rest. In addition, tourists can see with their own eyes the ancient house in the shape of oyster shells, and architecture which embodies the features of the culture of provinces such as Guangdong and Guangxi. Individual attention, rice paddies, arched bridges, numerous floral arrangements and a system of wells, created in the days of the Emperor.

Currently, Saijo is considered the center of traditional Chinese art, as the village annually remains a significant number of artists, poets, writers and musicians. For tourists periodically seminars on Cantonese cooking master-classes in drawing, photography, calligraphy and the production of ceramics, silk, jade, and clay.

Upon request, visitors are invited to purchase unique Souvenirs at reasonable prices in small shops and take a tour accompanied by a guide to local attractions.