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Marco Polo Bridge

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Marco Polo bridge otherwise referred to as Logo spanned across the river, Angling. The bridge is located 14 kilometers from the Central square in Beijing, Tiananmen.

Called the Marco Polo bridge became famous after the great Italian traveler wrote about it in his journal, a small note, with words full of admiration. Logo is one of the oldest multi-arched bridges of stone, located in Beijing. Its construction was begun in 1189 and completed in 1192. Later, in 1698, the bridge was reconstructed and updated.

Its length is 267 meters and a maximum width of the bridge about 10 meters. A bridge support carried eleven stone pillars. A little to the side of the bridge there are 2 stone stelae, and one of them has an inscription, telling that this building was rebuilt during the reign of the Imperial dynasty, the Qing, in the 37th year of the reign of Kangxi (that is, in 1698). On the second stele is clearly visible striking example of calligraphy. The text is very short, says "Morning moon over Lugou". On all columns set a lion of stone, and the total number of these columns - 281.

The lions have an unusual feature - every great conceals the little that can be located on the back, legs, under the belly or in the mane. People tried several times to count how many lions only in quantity but each time the results were different - about 480. However, according to surviving documents, initially, the columns were 627 lions.

Posture and age all lions are different. Most lions were delivered during the reign of the Ming dynasty and Qing distance. But some were on the pillars before - in the days of the yuan dynasty, and the oldest - in the reign of Jin, but they have very little.

From the East entrance of the bridge protected by the WANPING fortress, which has just two gates - the West and East. Marco Polo bridge starts from the West gate of the fortress.