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The Hubei provincial Museum

Photos and description

The Hubei provincial Museum is located near the Wuchang district, and represents one of the largest museums not only in the city of Wuhan but also in China. In extensive grounds, consisting of three large halls, unique collections of the artifacts found in the area of Wuhan in different periods. Among them the oldest pieces of porcelain, silver and gold, vessels of bronze, antique musical instruments, elements of everyday life of the Imperial dynasties, as well as jade jewelry.

Most visited are considered hall Bell chime and a room devoted to the history of culture of state of Chu. In the first room you can see the amazing exhibition "the Tomb of Duke Zeng," consisting primarily of relics, taken in 1978 from the excavation site of the burial of the Prince I. the Well-preserved scrolls from bamboo urn made of precious metal, elaborately carved, swords in the shape of a triangle - all presented in the hall. Special attention deserves the wonderful chime of 64 bells, which, according to legend, belonged to a close friend to the Emperor to the Manager Csango. The tool resembles a few rows of bells, each of which is painted in small characters. Museum visitors are invited to enjoy the spectacular musical show, which will be in the Museum daily.

In the exhibition hall, the Chu culture presents exhibits reflecting the specificity of regional culture of the Chu era. Especially valuable are such items as miniature figures, glazed, the sword of GOU Jian, spear Fu Chhaya, the remains of chariots and products made from weightless silk. Most of the exhibits from the collections of the Museum can rightly be called a national treasure of Chinese traditional culture.