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Beijing Museum of contemporary art

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Beijing Museum of contemporary art better known among tourists as a large-scale art zone, located in the former factory premises, No. 798, formerly owned by entrepreneurs from East Germany. The creation of a Museum belongs in the 1950's, when China flourished the era of communism, led by Mao Zedong. Today these times like many posters hung on the walls, sculptures, dedicated to the working proletariat. Now these elements of the Communist past have a decorative function and fit perfectly into the unusual concept of the Museum.

On large areas with a minimalist design, there are many exhibits related to contemporary art of China. The intertwining of avant-garde, modernism, futurism with the classic types of architecture - the main feature of the Museum. In each room there are traditional booths for exhibits, and innovative solutions from the point of view of architecture. For example, in one of the rooms you can see the installations, broadcast on state of the art equipment. Some of the collections of the Museum are outside the free access, which allows more detail to get acquainted with examples of contemporary creativity. The main exhibition presents sculptures, photographs, decorative items, statues, paintings, and other products, in the manufacture of which used an unusual combination of materials. The Museum is open to visitors daily, but you must set aside a full day to explore the sights.