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Photos and description

Yuanmingyuan is a Grand garden and Park ensemble of Beijing, in which there are several palaces, built in different periods. Near the complex are such iconic tourist attractions as the Forbidden city and the Palace of Emperor Qianlong.

In the design of Yuanmingyuan the main accent was made on the part of the ensemble, where were concentrated the gardens. No wonder this place is often called the "Gardens of perfect clarity." It is here, in accordance with historical data liked to spend his time the Emperor with the goal of peaceful rest and the search for spiritual harmony. Gardens have begun to settle in 1707 at the initiative of Emperor Kangxi, who donated the beautiful site my son Unciano. In the future, all space gardens flourished day by day and soon became a model of landscape design, occupying an extensive territory. The style of buildings constructed in the complex, were primarily European orientation, as over their projects as European architects Giuseppe Castiglione and Michel Benoist.

Unfortunately, during the Second opium war, the complex was completely destroyed and all the contents of the great palaces or looted and burned. In that period particularly affected the Summer Palace, as stored in this priceless relics were completely destroyed.

At the moment tourists visit Yuanmingyuan along with tours of the Forbidden city. The Chinese government is planning in the future 20 years to renovate and restore this unique architectural object.