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Ensemble Zhongshan square

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The largest and oldest ensemble of Zhongshan square (the Nikolaev area) is in the same area where the financial center of the city and complexes of historical buildings, built by immigrants from Japan. Famous square in Dalian has a long history associated with the fruitful cooperation of Russia and China. At the end of the nineteenth century immigrants from Russia began the exaltation of the ensemble of Zhongshan square, which was dedicated to the memory of the great Emperor Nicholas II.

Over time, the architectural ensemble of the square has undergone significant changes, but the city authorities managed to keep the leading notion in the beginning of construction. The base area is a circle with four intersecting roads, from which diverge in different directions of the highway in 12 directions. Delancy symbolize Zhongshan square with a kind of "heart" of the city. Separately worth noting the presence in the area of buildings built in the mid-twentieth century. Among them, the first Bank branch in China the Japanese financier Yokohama sequin Ginko, the hotel "Yamato", the administration and the Dalian municipality.

Also on the square today you can see not only historical buildings, but also copies of buildings known all over the world. Every day Dalian residents and visiting tourists enjoy their time at Zhongshan square. In the evening the space around you is illuminated by colorful lights, and after 20.00 starts musical performance where you can hear musicians in a live performance and see the singing fountains.