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The Jinan Zoo

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The Jinan zoo was founded in 1960 and to this day, every day receives thousands of visitors and tourists who are amazed by the extensive grounds, as well as a large variety of fauna. The main areas of the zoo are breeding rare species, carrying out mass cultural events and entertainment programmes attracting the best creative collectives of the city.

The zoo management pays close attention to the development of research activities and provision of enclosures high-tech equipment aimed at maintaining optimum habitat conditions for animals in an environment close to natural. So, in 2000 for these purposes it was allocated about 750 thousand dollars, which had built new aviaries for peacocks and equipped with power for representatives of the herbivores. As a result, in further Jinan zoo is among the ten best institutions of its kind in China.

Among the visitors, are very popular animals such as giant pandas, elephants, various species of monkeys, Japanese cranes, tigers, giraffes, etc. In total, the zoo is home to about 6000 individuals. In recent years, the zoo is actively growing, and the number of animals increases due to successful activities of the breeding.

Equipped for tourists and specialized zone diet, where you can taste delicious dishes of traditional Chinese cuisine. To move around the zoo both on foot and in a small train stopping at the request of any enclosure.