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Mudu is an ancient city of China, located in the southeastern part of Suzhou. A few centuries ago the Muda was considered to be one of the most developed shopping centers in China, which flocked merchants from all over China. Today the streets have unique mansions that were once the property of wealthy merchants, with original decorative elements.

The locals call Mudu town Museum, standing on the water. The vast expanse of water around is considered a vivid sign of traditional Chinese settlements as the location near the water was the most convenient in the trade, economic and political plans. According to legend, one of the emperors of the Qing dynasty was so impressed by the beauty of the Mood that he decided to build it in his residence that he came with the goal of a peaceful holiday in the lap of nature. The residence of the Emperor was partially preserved until the present time, and is a Premier cultural facility of the city.

For tourists Mudu attractive from the historical and shopping parties. In the Central part there are numerous souvenir shops selling products made of pearls and jade, 4 Buddhist temple complex and the boat trip will allow you to get acquainted with features of traditional Chinese architecture. Particularly appreciated by guests who arrived in mudu, clothing made from natural silk, as it is Suzhou since ancient times is the center of the production of the finest silk. For a reasonable fee, the guide takes you through all channels, accompanied by melodious singing. For lovers of active holidays the tour included climbing the hill, which offers scenic views of Mudu and its surroundings.