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The Shenzhen Museum is an original project implemented in 1981 and combines the great heritage of the historical past of China with the modernist trends and the scientific and educational component. The official opening of the Museum's accounts for 1988, after which the management was annually made their utmost efforts for the preservation and accumulation of relics, thematically related to the history and development of Shenzhen.

On vast areas located several floors with the main compositions representing artefacts such as ceramic and porcelain tableware from different periods, items of jade, gold, silver, inlaid with precious stones, ancient calligraphic scrolls, household items, stone sculptures and other objects of historical heritage of Shenzhen. In the halls is easy enough to navigate thanks to a clever navigation system in English and computer guides.

One of the priorities of the Museum is to support and develop research in the field of culture and international history. For this purpose there are separate arrangements which are used for mass lectures, seminars, exhibitions and round tables with participation of the best specialists of China. It uses high-tech equipment, capable of creating three-dimensional holographic images on the big screen. Museum visitors have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the history of Shenzhen in a fascinating way, and in the end of the tour to purchase Souvenirs in the lobby of the Museum.